AI BME Cell Membrane DetectionRole
Jack CallahanTeam Lead
Jacob CherneyTeam Member
Mia KellyTeam Member
Carson PerkinsTeam Member
The end product will train a U-Net convolutional neural network with adhesion images and cell-segmented labels (or masks) and produce cell segmentation masks from other adhesion images that have not been used for training.
AI Welding AnalysisRole
Dan CurtissTeam Lead
Kyler BomhofTeam Member
Use machine learning to work with welding data. Should be able to calculate basic statistical analysis and weld performance metrics.
UP Health Website BackendRole
Evan RixomTeam Lead (2022)
Brandon CoxTeam Member
C├ędric KellerTeam Member
Colin KnudsenTeam Member
*Sponsored by Ford C3 and in collaboration with HIDE enterprise

Using Joomla to create a website for Western UP Health that works as a place to store resources for help with Food, Housing, Medical, etc. Creating documentation for clients to manage after the project is complete.
IT OpsRole
Trent LuftTeam Lead
Kyle WhiteTeam Lead
Justin SulakTeam Member
Michael BeardenTeam Member
The team also helps its members gain hands-on experience with managing infrastructure (servers, networking, etc.). Operations is dedicated to improving, monitoring, and scaling the IT Oxygen infrastructure.
IT OPS – SecurityRole
Jacob GoodroeTeam Member
Matthew JeffreyTeam Member
Rachel PassenoTeam Member
Tyler LynchProject Member
The Security division ensures that IT Oxygen follows best practices to maintain data integrity for our clients’ project data. This includes periodically conducting penetration testing on our network to find and promptly fix any vulnerabilities that may be present.

Past Projects


Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly
Enterprise Website Template